Our team of professionals are committed to achieve your technology project
and to attain your organizational objectives

Diverse skills and abilities are needed in order to achieve project objectives.

More than one individual is required in order to implement information technology projects successfully. At Soniva Integrated Solutions we have a systematic approach to manage projects effectively from start to finish. Our team of professionals are committed to achieve your technology project and to attain your organizational objectives. Whether you need to achieve a specific task or you are undertaking a large project, we have competent resources to realize your assignment.

Sales Consultants

Our sales advisors are committed to gather business requirements and understand your project objectives in detail. Our sales consultants take the time to learn more about your organization and we work closely with your team in gathering the business requirements. Success is in the details; therefore our sales advisors are available to gather as much information as possible. The more information we gather about your project the more knowledgeable we are to execute an effective implementation plan.

Project Management

The project managers are responsible for the execution of your assignment. Our project managers have a combination of business and technical knowledge to take on complex projects. At Soniva we follow project management methodologies. We scope and plan the project accordingly and provide you with a realistic timeline and a cost associated for accomplishing the project.

Time is of the essence when taking on a new assignment and we understand the importance of realizing your IT related projects. Our numerous years of experience sets us apart from other technology companies and we are confident in our abilities using our project management processes.

Customer Support

There is not much success in any project if you do not have the proper after sales technical support. Maintenance and support are key components because they sustain the proper functioning of the business and achieve post implementation objectives. Regardless of the size of the project, time, effort and resources need to be devoted towards supporting your IT projects.

Soniva is a customer focused company dedicated to after sales service and support.