Structured Cabling

A structured cabling system is essential for your organization to function and communicate properly and efficiently. Computer network hardware and cabling systems are the lifeblood for your internal communications.

An organization cannot operate without the proper network backbone equipment and wiring.

Your local area network is all connected using wires, electrical power, hardware switches and various computer network configurations. Without the proper power considerations and network cables, an organization will not be able to function nor communicate with internal business units and external offices. Systems are dependent on Ethernet wires because information flows through the cables and into the connected hardware workstations, computer servers and telephony equipment.

Soniva can assist your organization to design and implement the proper backbone cabling infrastructure for your business. Our specialists are capable of designing and recommending the appropriate computer network topology and cable equipment for your environment.

Soniva offers a turnkey cable design solution and we can supply and install complete equipment room hardware for any size organization.

Soniva consultants will conduct an on-site survey before preparing any proposal document or recommendations. We take the proper precautions to plan the computer equipment room layout in order to make sure that the implementation process is successful.

Whether you are looking for standard category 5e, 6, or 6A twisted pair network cabling or if you require a fiber optic cable solution for your building with multiple locations, Soniva has competent project managers and cable installers to implement any size cabling and connectivity projects.

Before & After view of a completed project.

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