Boardroom Solutions

The right multimedia hardware equipment is needed when planning for a new conference room.

Modern equipment that has a full range of features and functionalities are required in order to conduct effective presentations and business meetings. It is often frustrating trying to prepare for a presentation and you are faced with setting up your computer laptop and screen and simultaneously trying to locate the proper cables, connectivity and controls.

Nobody likes to wait around the conference room table as the presenter is trying to connect his hardware equipment. This can be a huge waste of time for both the presenter and the meeting participants. You need to have the appropriate equipment in order to display and present your content properly and naturally.
Many conference rooms are not set-up as they should be with the right audio visual equipment and controls. Many organizations face a similar dilemma.

That is, the equipment is either outdated and the connectivity usually needs to be changed or improved. At Soniva we can assist your organization with the necessary hardware equipment such as displays, projectors, video conferencing equipment, digital signage and provide you with the necessary connectivity and controls.
Whether you are setting up a residential home automation room or commercial boardroom, a Soniva advisor can assist you with designing and planning your new project.

We have the capability and the resources to install and service all of our audio visual equipment that is right for your organization.
For all of your residential and commercial audio visual needs and projects, contact Soniva today. It will be our pleasure to understand your business needs and recommend the best and affordable solution for your organization.

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